Day 28: 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Procrastination & the Writer

I would like to put my name forward for the title of ‘Writer Procrastinator Extraordinaire’ as I think that my talents for procrastination far exceed my talents for writing!

Time by John Morgan on Flickr CC
Time by John Morgan on Flickr CC

Today I have had little bits of time here and there, but no, it’s at 9.47 pm that I decide to start writing my blog post for today! I could have made a start earlier, except that I decided that I needed to ignore my Editorial Calendar and write something new and it would take a bit of time to decide what that theme should be. Now I have, and here we are.

I know that procrastination is not just my problem – as writers, who rely on the workings of our brain to tell us what to write – so often it can be really difficult to focus on what we have to do. There can be 100 other things that we need to get done – the washing up, the washing, the vacuuming – the beauty of working from home can also be its pitfall. We walk past these piles of dirty things and think that we’ll just do this or just do that – and before you know it, it’s time to pick the kids up from school and the time is gone.

Time is neither our friend nor our enemy – it’s just time. We all have the same amount of time and how we choose to use it is up to us. I am mostly finding time in the evenings to get some blogging done, but I am pleased with the way this has turned out. From finding about an hour to an hour and a half each night, I have gained 30 blog posts (well, nearly, but definitely hoping to achieve this) for my blog, I have found some different topics to write on and I have enjoyed checking out other people’s blogs and reading their comments on my own. This challenge has not been undertaken just under my own steam – I have had other people following, commenting and liking my Facebook announcements of my blog posts which has an effect of encouraging me to get my blog posts done and let others know that they are up.

When you start a blog, it is easy to feel that you are posting into a void, sending a message in a tiny bottle into a massive sea and that it is going to be a matter of luck whether anyone sees your message or not. Finding a group of people to join and share – that makes all the difference and it helps to put an end to procrastination. Knowing that there are people out there, willing you on, and that you can urge them on, helps to beat that little voice encouraging you to put things off, that no one will notice because no one is reading it anyway.

So, here I am, late on a Tuesday night, typing up my blog. The motivation has been strong to complete this challenge because I don’t want to fail. More importantly, knowing that the blog will be read and shared has been the motivation that has chased away the procrastination, so although sometimes I have not been able to get around to blogging until late, I have still managed (mostly) to get around to blogging.

If you have stuck with me thus far in my ramblings, here is what I have learned about the writer and procrastination during this blogging challenge:

  1. Find a reason to blog. Have a great book review, story to tell, interview or piece of advice to share. If it’s good enough then you will find the time to write it down even if it’s late at night.
  2. Promote your blog post. Read other relevant blogs and comment on them, tweet about them and share them on Facebook, Google + and anywhere else you want to share. I knew this, but I had learned to put it off until tomorrow – and tomorrow never came. How can anyone read your posts if they don’t know that you have written them? There is no worse thing than crafting a beautiful blog post that no one will read.
  3. Only allow so much procrastination. Find your motivation, the reason to write and do it.

8 responses to “Day 28: 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Procrastination & the Writer”

  1. I like to think of procrastination (like being the wrong word) of the killer of momentum!

  2. I don’t think that any one resonates with this post more than I do. I find myself doing everything possible rather than completing this challenge. And the funny thing is that I really want to. I have a string on blog posts ideas just waiting to be fleshed out. I feel so guilty. No one in the 30-day blog challenge (aside from Sarah and Kevin) know me because I’ve belonged to the group for so long and have only shared 5 posts.

  3. Hi Garth, it really is. Sometimes you don’t even realise you’re doing it until you look back.

  4. Hi Robyn, I know what you mean in that before this challenge, I would do a bit of blogging here and a bit there, but nothing consistent. My excuse? I couldn’t think what to write! Now here I am with nearly 30 posts because it has been important to me. Sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s ok. You say that you have some ideas, just pick one. Aim to write a paragraph. If it’s working, keep going until it’s done. Even if you feel that it’s rubbish, keep going. When you come to edit it, you will be able to see what works and what doesn’t. And don’t feel guilty – it’s your blog. You are the boss. Good luck & thank you for the comment.

  5. it resonates me. yes, procrastination kills the momentum. we typically feel the way, but good thing can shifts your thoughts instantly until the momentum kicks you back in.

  6. Hi Mary Ann, I think we all suffer from procrastination – the trick is to realise what you are doing and get back on track.

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