Day 8: 30 Day Blogging Challenge Review Week 1

To dos by Courtney Dirks by flickr ccI have blogged for 7 days straight and it’s been tough, but I’ve managed it. It’s been an interesting experience so far and I have learned a lot. I began this challenge by working out some idea of the kinds of posts that I could do for the blog. My posts, however have gone in a completely different direction to the one I anticipated.

5 Things I have Learned:

  1. That I found writing standard copywriting posts boring (Day 2). I have found it far more interesting to follow my passion and write about writing stories, although this is the topic I have less experience in!
  2. That I don’t want to be just another ‘how to write’ blog, but I want to write about the things that I find interesting – plays on words and character names.
  3. That I can find time to sit down and write a blog post a day, but that Saturdays may be tough to fulfil because the family are around to distract me!
  4. That if you look for blog post ideas, they will come!
  5. That I like getting little badges for blog posts!

5 Things that I am going to do this week:

  1. Write 7 blog posts
  2. Play with an editorial calendar to try and get some order into my posts
  3. Try out more of Sarah’s email suggestions
  4. Find some new and interesting topics to blog about
  5. Get my 14 day badge

I have been impressed with the quality of the supporting emails and the friendliness of others who are also on their own blogging journey. It’s a great place to jump-start your blog.


2 responses to “Day 8: 30 Day Blogging Challenge Review Week 1”

  1. Well done, I haven’t gotten to that challenge yet. How interesting that by doing this challenge it changed your ideas? Must try this one then, and see what I can come up with?

    BTW really like the layout of your blog page.

  2. I would recommend it – it’s not easy but it really focuses your mind on what you want to write about. My blog theme is Dynablue & I have not found another I like as much. Thank you for your comment.

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