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Finding a place to host your blog can be bewildering: there are a lot of choices out there. Under consideration will be whether you want to pay for your blog, or whether you are looking for a free hosting. You will also want it to look as professional as possible if it is a business blog.

This is a WordPress blog and WordPress has transformed the world of free blogs. You can choose to pay for enhanced features, but to start off with you can begin with a free one.

WordPress come with a choice of free themes, which you can check through when setting up your blog. Don’t like your choice? Then change it and all the pages will change too. WordPress takes away some of the need to know code and offers a professional-looking finish to your blog. The behind-the-scenes features are set up to make blogging easy and you can install plug-ins to customise the site to your needs.

If you want something a little more special, then you can pay a designer to design a theme just for you. Some of the more popular sites such as All Freelance Writing and Copyblogger advertise their themes and allow other bloggers to use them. Some may charge for the privilege.

I also use Google Blogger for some of my more personal blogs. Again it is simple to use and you can use either your Gmail account or any other account to set it up. There is a choice of themes and the blog is very easy to use. One good feature of Blogger is that it allows you to include Google Adsense on the blog which may bring you in some money.

Otherwise, read the terms and conditions carefully if you want to include affiliate links or ads on your blog. There may be a clause in there that inhibits what you want to do with your blog.

Setting up your new blog is easy. You need to name your blog and this may be hard at first, finding a name which has not been already taken. Keep in mind keywords for your subject as you choose a name.

Then follow the instructions to set up your blog, choosing a theme, gadgets or plug-ins and the layout. Then you will be ready to add content to your blog.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning the free WordPress themes we give away over at All Freelance Writing. 🙂 I just want to clarify though that we don’t actually give away our own theme which is a custom design. What I instead do is purchase full rights to themes from designers, and then I release them for free on our blog (no credit links required unlike most free themes).

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