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  • Applying for a Writing Job

    No job ever applies for itself and if you don’t try then you will never know if you could have got it. Here are a few pointers when applying for a writing job.

  • Finding a Writing Job Part 1

    I live in a town in the Midlands. I have started to write for a living. I have been researching about freelance writing on the web for a number of months now. Then I decided that it was time I did something about it.

  • Helpful Blogs

    The Internet is a great place to be involved in sometimes, especially for writers. No longer do writers have to sit in a solitary place, banging out another article on their keyboard. Now we can network, share blogs, contact other writers and share details. We can even write a novel in a month! Contact with…

  • How to Tell if Your Writing is Good

    You’ve written a story. It may have flowed easily from your pen, or it may have come in fits and starts. You have got it in front of you: on a laptop, a notebook or a piece of paper. Now what?

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