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  • Start writing flash fiction

    Start writing flash fiction

    Flash fiction is a piece of fiction, usually under 1200 words. There are different definitions of flash fiction. Some writing contests may ask for a piece of flash fiction as short as 50 words. Others may use different word counts to define the term. For the purposes of this article, the definition is under 1200…

  • Topically Challenged Volume 1 Out Now

    Topically Challenged Volume 1 Out Now

    I am published in an anthology! In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I enjoyed doing writing challenges. At the beginning of the year, I took part in two such challenges on Chris Fielden’s website and have now been published as part of a flash fiction anthology. I chose to take part for a…

  • Day 10 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Writing Prompts

    A writing prompt is something that is designed to spark a story or poem in you. There are ideas all around us everyday, but it is important to tune your brain up in order to notice them. Writing is almost like a muscle – the more you use it, the better you get. Today’s blog…

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