Day 23: 30 Day Blogging Challenge – 7 More Crazy Business Ideas

When I was digging through my archives, I found my first blog post on Crazy Business Ideas. I thought it would be great to update this article and check out some more crazy business ideas. Who would have thought that some of these ideas would make you money.

Doggles for military working dog by U.S.Army
Doggles for military working dog by U.S.Army
  1. Rent the Chicken

This business is for those people who are not sure whether they are cut out to be farmers or not. They can rent the chickens, feed and coop for a specified time, with the chickens guaranteed to be laying eggs within two days of arriving. There is the option to adopt the chickens if the prospective farmer falls in love with them. This company operates in the US only, although I believe there is also an Australia version!

2.  My Friend

This company will send scented cologne wipes anonymously from as little as $1.99 to those friends who smell a little stinky. Personally, I still prefer a good old fashioned conversation!

3.  Zombie Experiences

If you have ever wanted to spend your day being chased by zombies, then this is the website for you! This one is based in the UK. Interesting way to make money…

4.  I Do, Now I Don’t

The founder of I Do, Now I Don’t was dumped after a three month engagement. The jeweller he bought the ring from offered him less than half the amount he’d paid for it, so he set up his own website which enables people to sell their jewellery to other users. Simple idea, but a great success.

5. Chewy Jewellery

While she was on maternity leave, Jenny & Steve Mclaughlan had the idea of making a necklace that would be dafe for babies to chew on while they were teething. The concept has now been extended for children with sensory issues such as autism who still need to chew. The product is made to be non-toxic although it comes with a warning that fully developed teeth will eventually bite through the product, so parent supervision is recommended.

6. Doggles

These strange-looking goggles for dogs do have a serious purpose – they can help dogs who have developed eye disease and protect dogs’ eyes from sun damage. The makers of Doggles recommend training your dog to wear them and that they do not wear them indoors. Cool name!

7. WTF Prank Candles

For the person who has everything – or someone you don’t like, these candles begin by smelling sweet and then turn to more foul smells. Would you like a candle that changes from apple pie to dirty fart? How about from fresh forrest pine to skunk? I can’t believe these are selling – but I found the website!

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Crazy Business Ideas

A golf ball directly before the hole
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The thread at UKBusiness Forums started me thinking – how many crazy business ideas have been started and were they successful? The answers on the forum varied from:
‘Give me a million and I’ll tell you’


‘Sell an E-book on ‘How to Make a Million’ for £5 to 200,000 people’

but it sent me searching for the most crazy ideas I could find. Here they are:


Honestly! Imagine limiting yourself to 140 characters! Who would have thought…

Dry cleaning ATM – post it in and get it out clean

They patented it but it never took off. I wonder why? Could be a winner at airports and hotels…!

Beer flavoured ice cream

Self-explanatory. Launched last year by a Yorkshire company. I think it was probably a hit!

Glow in the dark golf balls

The inventor of these is now a millionaire!

Dog Wash (as opposed to car wash)

I thought I had seen everything, but apparently not! Poor dog!

Jelly fish art

This sounds oddly calming and soothing – it could work, but is it cruel to jellyfish?

Apparently there are many crazy business ideas out there and who is to say that they won’t work? The fact is that when you have a business idea, write it down, think about it for while and plan it out. The craziest ideas just might make you the most money.


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