#Hours on Twitter – a great way to get known for Business Owners?

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#Hours on Twitter can be a great way to meet with other business owners in your local area and other business owners who are not necessarily in your line of business but who might be local to you.






The process works through adding a hashtag to your tweet that enables the #hour to pick it up and retweet it to its followers.

Sounds complicated? Not once you get the hang of it.

For example, one of the biggest #Hours is #WorcestershireHour, which tweets twice a week on a Monday night and Wednesday lunch time. It has 21.4K currently following and people log on to Twitter specifically to tweet using the hashtag which is retweeted in turn. The hashtag is essential to be retweeted and it’s an hour where you are fine to promote your business. It’s not recommended that you spam or send too many messages, but those who can use humour or pictures to help promote themselves will get noticed.

The #hours on Twitter usually start at the same time and run for an hour. The admins will often start with a tweet, and then other businesses will join in. There is an #hour for almost anything on the social media website. Although it is possible to schedule tweets, it is often best to turn up and tweet in person, as the best social interaction happens then.

Why not try finding an #hour to suit you? It is a very easy way to start networking and even if you are new to Twitter, within a short space of time, you will find some new people to talk to. It will help to grow your followers organically and with people that you can find something in common with.

Try some of these hashtags:









Have you tried an #hour? Are there any you would recommend people try?

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