Does the End of the News of the World Justify the Means?

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Here in the UK, there is a huge storm building over allegations that a Sunday newspaper, The News of the World, employed very underhand tactics to build their news stories including hacking into the phone of a teenager later found murdered and into celebrity phones illegally. Many of the public and politicians are up in arms about the stories that are daily adding to the pile of dung that is acts that have been committed in the name of news.

Some commentators have been less angry – pointing out that it was probably known that this was carried out and that the anger that has been whipped up may be misplaced – we suspected that this was going on and it is just that our suspicions have been confirmed.

This story in which journalists have lost their jobs, a business owner has lost a lucrative deal and many people have lost peace of mind is certainly unsavoury. The problem is that all of us can be guilty of taking the short cut that we are not so comfortable with or the deal that we probably shouldn’t.

As human beings in the world of business, we are subject to temptation every day. Does this mean that we should take it?


As members of the human race, we need to learn to say that short, two-letter word and mean it. Compromising your ideals once makes it easier to do the next time around. Sharp or dishonest business practices usually end up hurting someone – even if it is only yourself once you are found out. Leave the unscrupulous dealings to someone else and make sure that your work is something that you can honestly say you are proud of.

What do you think? Do you think that a little shady business dealing doesn’t do any harm? Or are you honest above all else? Let me know in the comments below.

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