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So often when you read a sales pitch, something seems not quite right. It makes all the right promises: you will be a valued customer, the work will be delivered on time, the right value for the price etc, but something is missing. This something can be the difference between your decision of whether to offer the job or not.


It’s not about you.

The sales pitch has been all about the company that you are researching. This is what we can do for you, this is how we operate, this is how we are. As a business owner, however, you are looking for something more.

It should be about me.

If I am a company owner taking the time to research other companies, then I am looking to outsource skills that I don’t currently possess. I am looking for other people that I can work with that I know will solve my problems and be able to answer my queries. I want someone that is professional enough to take my work and get it done efficiently and without problems. I want someone that is sufficiently customer-focused to make their pitch about me.

Your Copy Should Offer Solutions

When you have written your copy, then take a careful look over it. Does it tell the reader all about you? Are you focusing on your solutions, your abilities and skills and your excellent time-keeping skills?

That’s great – but so does every other website out there. They all offer the same great experiences, similar strengths and talents and great eye-catching graphics. What will set you apart is the your ability to focus on your customer. Talk about the kinds of problems that might motivate a potential client to research your website and then solve them. Demonstrate that you are able to connect with business users and focus on them.

Demonstrate Your Strengths

Are they looking for a web designer who is able to use social media effectively? Make sure that your Facebook page and Twitter ID are prominently displayed on your front page along with recent tweets and posts.

Is your customer researching luxury holidays? Fill the website with glorious photos and satisfied customer reviews. Use your compelling copy to place the customer there in the resort, their feet up under a huge umbrella by the pool.

Perhaps the client is looking for a graphic designer who specialises in logos and branding. Include examples, a wide sample of your work and emphasise the customised aspect of your projects. No two are the same and satisfied customers are delighted that the work reflects their company so well.

There are many examples of how you can write compelling copy for your website in order to offer your customers more than just a run-of-the-mill experience. Focus on your customers and use your copy not just to fill a page, but to increase your conversions and enable your website to demonstrate exactly why clients should be hiring you.

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Sarah Charmley is a compelling copywriter who will be happy to discuss your project with you so that you can set up a compelling website of your own. You can contact her for a free quote here.



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