How to Design a Successful Leaflet


Although the success of the internet means that people tend to look online for the products they need, there is still a place for the traditional offline means of marketing including brochures and leaflets. You can tie in the colour and format of the leaflet to your company brand: you can be creative with them and use images and graphics to create a colourful, exciting product that will inform your customers about your latest features and savings. It pays to redesign leaflets fairly regularly to keep them current and up to date.

What should a successful leaflet contain? You need your company brand and logo clearly printed. You need to choose a clear, easy to read font and keep the writing simple and effective. Your message should explain clearly what you are offering, and the graphics and images should relate to the information on the leaflet. Use bright clear photos to illustrate your leaflet, ensuring that you are not using images which are subject to copyright.

Try for unusual or eye-catching designs. Use colour to suggest moods and emotions. Make sure that you have a professionally designed logo so that it can be printed correctly and will come out looking perfect rather than pixellated.

Finally, remember to include your company details so that they are easy to read and can be easily found. There is nothing worse than scanning a leaflet for the details you want only to find them missing or in such a small type that you need a magnifying glass to read them. Your company contact details, including address, telephone number, email and website are the most important part of the leaflet, so make sure that they are included.

Designing a leaflet to promote your company still has a place in the marketing strategies of today. Designed and proof-read carefully, regularly updated and distributed among clients and potential customers, they can help to keep your customers thinking about your company and approaching you when they need your products.



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