Keep Your Blog Informative

Photo on Flickr by Peter Nijenhuis

You have a blog and it’s up and running. Now what do you blog about?

A good idea is to pick on topic and write a blog post on each aspect of it. You will be surprised how you can break topics down into multiple topics quite easily.

You might be blogging on the qualities of stone for kitchen worktops. Blog posts only need to be 200-300 words long. You might include posts on the colours of the stones, marble or granite, the qualities of each, the uses of each, how the stones are made…there are lots of subjects that can be quickly thought up if you sit with a pen and paper for a moment and break the topic down.

The idea is to build up a body of information about the topic that you want to address on your blog. Bring in keywords that you want to emphasise naturally in the course of the article. The writing should flow easily and it should be interesting to the reader.

Use keywords in the heading and choose carefully what you use in the sub-headings. Keep sentences short in the article so that they are not too complex. Break up large paragraphs and place two or three paragraphs under each heading.

In this way, you will be able to add regular content to your blog. You should  aim to blog two or three times a week which will keep relevant updated information on your blog. This will help to increase your blog rankings on the search engines.


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