New School Year, New Start

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The summer holidays are over almost as soon as they began (or so it seems). Cakes have been made and eaten (several times), castles have been explored and cheap places of interest have been visited and now it’s  time to send the children back to school.

It’s almost like a second new year. The children look smart in their new school uniforms, the school run traffic is back blocking the roads and the weather cheers up again again after a rainy August (at least here in the UK).

Find Out About Freelancing

A year ago I started reading all about freelance writing jobs on the Internet.  I had a health problem which meant that I could no longer continue teaching and I wanted to find a job that would suit me. I have always loved writing and find it flows easily when I am working. I am very comfortable with spelling and grammar and it seemed that this might be something that I might want to do.

I read as much as I could. I found Anne Wayman’s blog and Jenn Mattern’s blog invaluable, but there was lots of other information out there. I was wary of sites which seemed only designed to sell you something, but I devoured all the information I could.

Find Some Clients

I found my first clients myself by emailing some local web designers. I wrote some spec articles for them, had them accepted and they now use me regularly. I got a job from Elance and am also working with another local entrepreneur. All of these jobs I have got through having the courage to put myself forward, but I was also able to look honestly at myself and my own skills and weaknesses.

Now it is September again and I am looking forward to hitting the ground running. I will be continuing to contact new people to find out what I can do for them and I hope that my business will enter a new phase as I continue to grow in experience and ability.

Take the First Step

What does this have to do with you? If you are confident in your writing ability and find that putting the written word down on paper comes easily to you, then you too could consider writing for the Internet. Read through all the information you can find, book mark the interesting sites and learn all that you can. The information is out there and you can use it to form your own freelance writing career.

Make a plan. Have an idea of the goals that you want to achieve and put a time span on it. Write your goals down. Aim high.

Take the first step today. Who knows where it might lead.

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