Why Hire a Writer?

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Writing comes easily to me and I enjoy it. I love the challenge of playing with words, getting the quick first draft down and letting my work flow. I enjoy reading through it afterwards, checking my work for errors and to ensure that it reads through easily and with meaning. I enjoy research and using it to write an informed article. Since I  began freelance writing, I have enjoyed ‘going to work’. (OK, OK. That should be switching on a laptop!)

I know that not everyone feels that way. Some people panic at the thought of writing a letter or an important email where they really want to get their point across. It is easy for your piece of writing to be misunderstood and even cause offence.

Bringing Your Business to the World Wide Web

These days, every small business wants to get on the Internet. It gives them a presence where customers can find them (I never use telephone directories now) and helps take their wares out to a wider audience. Often a website is enhanced by a blog.

There’s the problem. How do you find the subjects to blog about if you do not feel confident writing a letter? How do you find the time to blog when you barely have the time to do the other equally important activities your business requires?

Why Blog?

Blogging adds value to your site and gives information to your customers. It adds frequent useful information to your website which will encourage customers to visit your site and Google to lift it in the rankings.  Blogging is most effective when done regularly.

Blog about relevant subjects to your website. Encourage discussion. Visit other blogs and add relevant comments which can link back to your site. Brainstorm a lot of ideas and pick the best ones to use.

Hire a Writer

Hiring a writer to blog can be a cost-effective way of keeping a blog up-to-date. Writers are able to write easily and effectively and can post regular comments to your blog.

Finding the right writer to write for you will help you to create a great blog for your business, which will enhance your website content. A writer will create articles and blog posts which reflect your business. These in turn will help to inform your customers about your services and products.

Creating a Great Website

Using a writer to create content for your website also offers a professional finish. There should be no spelling errors, grammatical errors and the sentences should be constructed correctly. Clients read grammatically correct sentences without even noticing, but misplaced punctuation is soon noticed. Spell checkers do not pick up correctly spelled words in the wrong context, but writers do! (At least this one does!)

Finally, it is important to decide what kind of a price you put on offering a professionally run website. There are many kinds of writers out on the web who offer very cheap services, but they do not offer the professional touch that your business requires. Negotiating the right rate with the writer is very important. Expect to pay a good rate and you will receive an excellent service.

Hire a freelance writer as you would other employees, by contacting them, talking to them and asking to see samples of work. Ensure that they understand what is expected of them, communicating regularly with them and your business will benefit from the results.


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