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  • Where to find story ideas

    Where to find story ideas

    Have you ever read a story and thought that it was amazing and that you could never do that?  Generating story ideas acts a little like a muscle – the more you use it, the easier it gets. Actively looking for story ideas can help you to generate more. You want to begin writing stories…

  • Book Review: Self-Publish and Succeed

    Book Review: Self-Publish and Succeed

    Self-Publish and Succeed: The ‘No boring books’ way to write a non-fiction book that sells by Julie Broad Thanks to Netgalley for my preview copy of this book When reading a self-help book, it is always gratifying to see that the author has taken their own advice in the production of their book. Julie Broad…

  • What is Plagiarism and How Do You Avoid it?

    What is Plagiarism and How Do You Avoid it?

    Definition of ‘Plagarism” from Etymology Online: plagiarism (n.) “the purloining or wrongful appropriation of another’s ideas, writing, artistic designs, etc., and giving them forth as one’s own,” 1620s, from -ism + plagiary (n.) “plagiarist, literary thief” (c. 1600), from Latin plagiarius “kidnapper, seducer, plunderer, one who kidnaps the child or slave of another,” used by Martial in the sense of “literary…

  • Using Apostrophes – its and it’s Part 3

    In the first post on Apostrophes, we looked at using them with plurals and singular nouns to show possession. The second post looked at using apostrophes with contractions. This post will examine a simple little word, yet the apostrophe is often used wrongly in it.

  • Style Guide – A Guide to Using Apostrophes Correctly (Part 1)

    I saw a question on a writers’ forum the other day. It read: ‘Is it time to abolish apostrophes completely?’ I can understand the writer’s frustration. Apostrophes are one piece of punctuation that it is very easy to get wrong – as demonstrated regularly on pub notices round where I live. Yet in the opening…

  • A Quick Style Guide

    When you are producing your piece of writing for a client, it is best to be consistent with grammar and spellings, particularly when using headings. Here are some of the most common things to look out for. Headings The beginnings of words in a heading should be capitalised unless they are small words such as…

  • Applying for a Writing Job

    No job ever applies for itself and if you don’t try then you will never know if you could have got it. Here are a few pointers when applying for a writing job.

  • Helpful Blogs

    The Internet is a great place to be involved in sometimes, especially for writers. No longer do writers have to sit in a solitary place, banging out another article on their keyboard. Now we can network, share blogs, contact other writers and share details. We can even write a novel in a month! Contact with…

  • How to Tell if Your Writing is Good

    You’ve written a story. It may have flowed easily from your pen, or it may have come in fits and starts. You have got it in front of you: on a laptop, a notebook or a piece of paper. Now what?

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