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  • PixelScrapper – the Digital Way to Put a Photo Album Together

    PixelScrapper – the Digital Way to Put a Photo Album Together

    In the UK, we have all had to stay home more, thanks to Covid-19 but this has created more opportunities for creative hobbies. I have enjoyed reading more books, written more short stories and discovered how to make a digital scrapbook.                     I was looking for…

  • 20+ fun things to do when you’re stuck in the house

    20+ fun things to do when you’re stuck in the house

    Do you feel the need to find something positive to do this weekend? As a freelancer who works from home most of the week, I have never really felt that “stuck at home”. Even this week, I have managed to cope with working around (nearly grown up) children, school online and DH working from home.…

  • Are You Using More Freelancers?

    One of the websites that I consider well worth bookmarking is Freelance Switch. I’m a big fan of the cartoon ‘Freelance Freedom’ by NG Winters which comes out every Tuesday. I try to catch it every week. This week there was an article on there that suggested that the global recession has been good for…

  • Book Review – Creative Writing: The Essential Guide by Tim Atkinson

    Published by Need2Know Thinking of starting a career in creative writing? Then this book might be for you. It is easy reading and at just over 100 pages, not too long. As an introduction to the world of creative writing, this book works well. The author writes with a light touch and self-deprecating humour, and…

  • Starting out as a Copywriter

    It seems such an easy job that the world and his wife could do it with one hand tied behind their back (not their writing hand, obviously) – copywriting! How can you become a copywriter? If you have always wanted to have a go, then here are some of the steps that have got me…

  • Organising Your Writing

    Sometimes you have a large amount of information which you need to get in a document. It can feel overwhelming and be difficult to know where to begin. Spend a little while organising your thoughts which can help you sort it all out.

  • How to Define the Words You Use

    Each word that you use as a writer has a function. They all have a part to play in communicating your message through your writing. Here are some of the names of words that writers use every day and their function in a sentence.

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