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  • What genre of story should I write?

    What genre of story should I write?

              I backed a kickstarter recently. The kickstarter offered several novels and some pop-up writing workshops. The books are science fiction stories. If you had asked me, I would not have said that I was into science fiction reading. I have thoroughly enjoyed the books. My husband has enjoyed some science…

  • Four More Qualities of Successful Freelance Writers

    Some people just find writing hard work. The physical effort of putting pen to paper or fingers to keypad just does not do it for them. They are unsure that what they are doing is correct and they find the very act of writing a chore. Other writers love it. They enjoy the physical act…

  • Starting out as a Copywriter

    It seems such an easy job that the world and his wife could do it with one hand tied behind their back (not their writing hand, obviously) – copywriting! How can you become a copywriter? If you have always wanted to have a go, then here are some of the steps that have got me…

  • Defining the Words You Use 2

    Words are the tools of a writer’s trade. It can sometimes be helpful to know more about your trade in order to improve your work.

  • How to Define the Words You Use

    Each word that you use as a writer has a function. They all have a part to play in communicating your message through your writing. Here are some of the names of words that writers use every day and their function in a sentence.

  • Using Apostrophes – its and it’s Part 3

    In the first post on Apostrophes, we looked at using them with plurals and singular nouns to show possession. The second post looked at using apostrophes with contractions. This post will examine a simple little word, yet the apostrophe is often used wrongly in it.

  • Copyright

    Copyright laws can be strange and complex – there have been a few famous authors taken to court accused of stealing their story from another book – but the point made is serious. You can be sued for wrongfully using another person’s work.

  • A Guide to Using Apostrophes Correctly Part 2

    In the last article, we talked about apostrophes and the ways that they could alter meaning. To read back what was said, click on the article title: A Guide to Using Apostrophes Correctly Part 1. The other main way that apostrophes are used is when two words are contracted to form a new word. Don’t…

  • Style Guide – A Guide to Using Apostrophes Correctly (Part 1)

    I saw a question on a writers’ forum the other day. It read: ‘Is it time to abolish apostrophes completely?’ I can understand the writer’s frustration. Apostrophes are one piece of punctuation that it is very easy to get wrong – as demonstrated regularly on pub notices round where I live. Yet in the opening…

  • A Quick Style Guide

    When you are producing your piece of writing for a client, it is best to be consistent with grammar and spellings, particularly when using headings. Here are some of the most common things to look out for. Headings The beginnings of words in a heading should be capitalised unless they are small words such as…

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