Improve Your Website: Update the Content

If one of your resolutions in 2012 is to raise the profile of your website, then have you considered updating or increasing the content to be found on your site?

Providing useful and informative articles are a good way to keep visitors clicking around your website and encouraging them to spend money with you. It also helps your website look fresh and new. You might want to update your ‘About’ pages, your portfolio or your business information if you provide a service. You may want to improve product descriptions and make them more imaginative.

It’s not enough just to have a large amount of articles and stuffing them with keywords does not make them interesting enough to keep your visitors interested in looking around your website. These articles have got to be the real deal – interesting and full of information on the subject that is your business. Choose an eye-catching headline that reflects the body of the article. If you have a long article, then break it up using relevant sub-headings so that it is easier to digest.

Laura of About: Marketing has written a blog post on this very subject. She knows the value of good content for any website. She enjoys writing and her articles are always useful.

But all this planning and writing takes time. You might have many calls on your time at the moment and the writing gets put off and left to one side – perhaps even left altogether.

Don’t underestimate the value of freshly written content and don’t put it off any longer. Why not outsource it to a copywriter? They are used to creating content that is rich in information, context and professional. Then you can get on with the million and one other jobs that are jostling for your attention. Using your resources effectively can help your business to really take off this year.

Know your strengths and if writing has never been one of them, then outsourcing that particular job might be the best decision you ever made.

Sarah Charmley is a freelance copywriter, editor and proofreader. For a copywriting quote that has been tailored to suit your business, email


My Business Goals for 2012

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What is it about the New Year that makes it such a new start? September can seem to take on this role because of the children changing classes but it seems that January 1st is much more motivating every year.

It’s time to evaluate what you have been doing with your business in the previous year and what you want to do with it this year. The best way to do this is to write your goals down.

Although the past year has been reasonable, it could have been better. My first goal in 2012 is to find more regular clients rather than one-off clients. I hope to achieve this by targeting my markets better and offering regular services such as producing newsletters and writing blogs rather than just articles. I enjoy doing newsletters for various subjects and have the right software to produce a good proof as a PDF which is acceptable to most printers.

My second goal is to take some time for myself creatively. There are other markets that I would like to get into but to achieve this, I will need to put some time in on my own work so that I can polish my writing and bring it to the right standard. This may involve changing some of the things I do on my website, but not immediately.

My third goal is to ensure that a good work-life balance is struck for me. There have been some issues on the domestic front recently that may involve some decorating work which has the potential to affect my work time. I will need to find a way to balance this to ensure that work is regularly coming in.

And finally I would like to attend the occasional networking event this year so that I can make some face-to-face contacts.

How about you? What are your goals this year? Let’s check back in six months and see how they are going!